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The Lyceum Project

The Lyceum is not so much 'above' the law as it has somewhat 'sidestepped' the law. They're given a substantial amount of operational leeway to carry out their function as "heroes for hire" with the understanding that all the leeway could be yanked away should they violate the neutrality position they've carved out for themselves. They are "pulling a Switzerland" in effect, while operating within all five core societies of the world. It's a tightrope walk with a noose around their neck, no room for a slip up.   While actively hands off when it comes to war, the Lyceum is very much hands on with just about everything else. Establishing strong relationships with trade unions, craft guilds, and the cities they build their halls in the Lyceum is sort of the mirror image to the Keepers.


Beyond the small hierarchy of guild leaders and Hallmasters the structure of the Lyceum is relatively flat there are a few tiers of general membership based on reputation/renown within the guild but those are more about fringe benefits: nicer accommodations, better discounts in guild services, access to requests not posted on public facing notice boards due to privacy, severity or sensitivity concerns rather than a command structure. Outside of Hallmasters and the leadership structure, Lyceum members choose who they associate with, and who they answer to.   The Guild Halls are broken up into four tiers: Capital halls located in capital cities (as the name implies) are the largest halls in a given region and coordinate/maintain all the smaller halls within their jurisdiction, Major halls are in large cities and key trade hubs, Minor Halls are in smaller towns, and affiliate halls are in villages or areas too small for the guild to maintain their own presence in. Affiliate halls are basically just local run inns and taverns that have agreed to maintain a notice board and provide friendly pricing to guild members who pass through, in exchange they receive a small subsidy and assurance that should they need to call upon the guild for aid it will be answered.


While they are a for profit entity, the Lyceum does their best to ensure everyone has access to their services, not just the wealthiest sects of the societies they serve. They accept all postings for their notice boards, do their best to price them realistically to the poster's means, and encourage members to consider all notices no matter how small.   Functioning primarily as a benevolent organization, striving hard to maintain its neutral status as the core societies plunge deeper into war, the Lyceum will not accept postings pertaining directly to the war efforts of any core society and members who are caught doing so off the books risk their guild membership.

Public Agenda

The Lyceum is a for profit group of "problem solvers", "heroes for hire". They fill in the gaps where government authorities are either not up to, disinterested in or stretched too thin to handle.


By far their largest asset pool is their real estate holdings. Guild halls found across major and minor cities in all five core societies of the world adds up in a hurry, especially with some of the prime locations they've secured in capitals and major trade hubs. Liquidity is also not an issue, especially these days as the guild is seeing a constant stream of fresh requests for aid. The location of the Lyceum's central vault is one of the best kept secrets in the world but the major halls throughout the world all serve as pseudo-banks for their members.

sanguinem aequitate

Guild, Adventuring
Training Level
Full members: Earners (of the Lyceum), Probationary Members: Ribboneers
Controlled Territories

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