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The Silver Spoons

An organization that was created out of the necessary necessity of the extremely rich and powerful who is read only increases with time decided that they were looking for more wealth more money and more power. So they took that saying born with a silver spoon in your mouth and created this organization where they plan to slowly but surely take control of the worlds wealth and use it as their own play money. Although they were once disbanded it seems that there are remnant amount of their followers still left. No one for sure knows where their headquarters are or where they are working out of. Though as of late there seems to be more and more action coming from the organization they use a silver spoon tattoo on their left ankle as a symbol of members it is only visible during certain times of the day and very hard to recognize for nonmembers. These security measures are in forced by a bonding spell That was infused in the powder of silver and platinum when the tattooed was applied to the person you have to be extremely rich or have an extreme amount of power to be able to join this organization. There is nothing good that comes out of this organization it is just pure greed and considered a top threat in most nations as it Hold the power to pretty much buy the loyalty and the country that is opposing them.


The Collector sits atop the hierarchy and gives out specific orders. Next are the Treasurers they handle gathering the knowledge of locations of wealth or rare/powerful objects. The Treasurers use commanders known as Platinums who have a number of people working for them and they are further broken down by the ranks of Gold, Silver, and Copper.


The culture is very secretive they are acting under the law right now as they are supposedly disbanded but in reality are still thriving and pulling the strings behind many different political situations. The collector is a mysterious person who hands down orders secretively through secret messages. The identities of the members are kept secret and they talk and communicate to each other through codenames.

Public Agenda

Their agenda is to control the world every aspect of it and continue to always live with a silver spoon handed to them.


They own or have dealings with pretty much every assets in the world. They control kingdoms the control different types of trade they also trying to get into as many different markets as possible in order to have full control of the world at some point.


They were behind the cause of the separation. When they tried to take over the world when the continents were still together and they were very much on the right path of doing so but from the intervention of God is medusa who split the continent into two different continents. They now work in secret using many different aliases in order to gain back the power and control they once had.


When the countries of the world joined forces in eradicating the this group seeking to end it as it was becoming too powerful. The thought they were successful but in reality the silver spoons are still quite alive and working under many different aliases.

From Birth to Death it All Shall Be Mine

350 Post Seperation - 375 Post Seperation

Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
The Silvers
Leader Title

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