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Adventurer's Guild

Membership into the guild is not a guaranteed process, and the normal way is to do the bounty missions that the guild has passed up. Earning enough of a name for yourself could see you invited into the Guild. If you join solo, you will be assigned temporary quarters until a group can be organized for you to work with. Groups joining bypass this process and are given an area to serve as their base of operations if the guild feels they are worth the investment.   These bases are largely the same but altered for the size of the group and race makeup. For the most part, the welcome room has a table with a map of the continent for briefing, a small office where jobs that are tailored to your group are left for selection. A common room beyond there also leads to a secured vault, a storage room, and barracks and bath. In the storage room are stairs that lead to a crafting basement. All the equipment in these areas is generic but can be replaced with higher quality at personal cost. These bases are behind specially enchanted doors that open into something similar to a Magnificent Mansion spell but can only be accessed from these doorways.   Reasons to be a part of the guild are job security, an adventurous lifestyle, guild legal protections, living space, and base. Access to the services of contracted merchants, crafters, and other hirelings. (Such as Doctors, the merchants count as Fences so ignore the size of a city for the selling of wares, Lawyers, Footmen, Messengers, and Scribes.)   The base and the various services of the guildhall are taken from the fee of a job as a percentage starting at 25% and as the group becomes of greater renown and skill, the group takes a greater share. The guild takes payment when the contract is made and once the job is completed give it over to the group who completed it minus their fee. There are two options either in normal coin or a form of credit that is redeemable in any of the Adventurer's guild houses.  

General rules and Dismissal

The rules of the guild are for the most part rather simple, no lethal attacks against other members, brawls are expected to happen, and some form of discipline will occur but generally mild. Lethal attacks and murder are grounds for removal and prosecution. Once a job is accepted by the members of a guild it must be completed as a job is a contract and those contracts are binding. This also extends to getting a better offer from the target of the job or another party, you will complete the job you were paid for as it says as it is a matter of honor for the guild, failure to do so is grounds for revision of your group and possible termination of membership.  

Other members

At any given chapter there is one to two senior groups, those that for whatever reason have stuck around with the Adventurer's Guild past the point most usually split, around level five. They are often kept on as instructors in various forms of combat and tactics to offer advice and training to new members. They are also kept on for the rare high level (multiple meanings) quests the Adventurer's Guild can be given from important political figures or major dangers to a city or area in their reach.   The average members range in capability, the sad truth is many will never graduate past killing pests in the sewer or caravan guard duty. Many grow bored and leave the guild behind after some time. Those that do branch off into the more adventurous quests have a high mortality rate on their first real outings. The Adventurer's Guild makes no secret about how dangerous the life of an adventurer is to people who join, but few heed these warnings until after they have stared death in the face, or had to carry their friend's mangled body back.  

The purpose in a game

The purpose of the Adventurer's Guild is multifaceted, it can serve as a simple way to gather a party of very different people in one place. Though at least in this method they are aware that they will be working with others instead of something destroying some poor tavern owners building. If the DM desires it the party can have a rival(s) within the guild that are also contracted for the same job and it becomes a race of sorts to see who gets it done, or if the party is going very slowly about their job this rival group could be given the contract and they do it and when the party arrives they see the dungeon cleared and the symbol of the rival party there. Overall, though the Adventurer's Guild is meant to be early-level assistance to help set up the party, they will likely outgrow the guild around level 5 and be on their own in the world.


Founders: There are only two remaining a Half-Elf and a Human/Werebear who have stricken their names from active rosters and are only known to the Head Overseer.   Head Overseer: Isador Fallstaff based in Nefra.   Overseer: The people in charge of maintaing and protecting the interests of the Guild in the various cities.   Senior members: People who have stayed with the guild for a long time, often they sell their services as training or consulting to newer members.   Members


The Adventurer's Guild is a place of both comradery and competition, all the groups there are working against each other in the sense that they want to be the best, with the most jobs done and prestige and coin earned. That said they all know they are in a dangerous profession and that they could all die on their next job so there is a certain brotherhood and sisterhood that forms with the different members of the guild when a group is reported dead the banner of the group is taken from the central hall and laid out on a black table in the mess hall and all members present to share a toast and tell stories of times they worked together or what sort of people they were and jobs they took before the banner is folded and put on display on the wall.

Public Agenda

The Adventurer's Guild takes on jobs that local guards can't or won't take care of, a group of goblins raiding merchant wagons that hide deep in the woods where the guards won't go? The Adventurer's guild can send in people to take care of the problem. From protection such as escorting merchant wagons to the excavation of old ruins, to slaying dangerous monsters and diving into the depths of long-forgotten ruins and treasure hunting the Adventurer's Guild has people for nearly every task out there, for the right price.   Over many years the Adventurer's Guild has grown in power and influence that they are often called on to act in place of the guards, the people with money to do so view them as more disposable and perhaps more trustworthy given the reputation of the guild for having a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to double-dealing, or breaking a deal for someone offering more. The Guards of a city or house will often look down upon the hiring of outsiders that don't report to their authority to handle things they feel they should be doing. This has led to the Adventurer's Guild becoming very close to if not above the law as they re often tasked to enforce it in far off places with little to no oversight.


The Adventurer's Guild has one large base in each of the major countries except for Xalandis and Mordereth. This is usually in the capital city but with Hammerock they are instead based out of Khel Taruhm where they can be of greater service to the various beast races that inhabit the surface of Hammerock. These bases have large training grounds, meeting halls, and shop space where work can be commissioned from the Crafter's Guild or enchanted items bought from the Mage's Guild with some merchants that are friends with the local Overseer being allowed to sell their goods there as well. One unique feature about the different headquarters of the Adventurer's guild is that they are all linked to a demiplane that is further divided up into small sections that function not unlike the Magnificent Mansion spells, while food and staff aren't provided the room where adventuring groups make their bases forms to fit their needs and in a design that fits the group, with personal rooms being more unique to the one staying in them. Special doorways are enchanted within the various guild halls that require a specially made key that is attuned to the members of the group that the room serves and can only take you to your room unless under express permission from someone else, this permission must be done willingly and enchantments will be detected and ignored.  
When using a system that has attuned magical items these keys must be attuned, but do not count to the maximum number of magical items as they provide no other benefit.


The Adventurer's Guild was created shortly after the calamity by of all people a group of bandits who tried to ambush the future Tyrannus and his group, including the Keeper Narolth'T'Saren and future Greyarch Amahra'Shaelaas in their humanoid forms and after being spared on the condition they find a way to put their skills to help others. This group began taking the jobs that others wouldn't, the guard at the time was little more than a poorly organized militia with the leadership falling to the people of small towns and cities, with such a time of chaos there was a great deal of work to be had and the former bandits now turned mercenaries flourished until they were able to form the first Adventurer's Guildhall within Norvasul.
Founding Date
6100 aka 100 3A
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Notable Members

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