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He moved in such a way that I could hardly believe his boldness. Open, direct, and yet... it seemed that I was the only one with my eyes on him.   I suppose it is that way, when you know what you're looking for. It was a quiet pass-along, a missive from one set of hands to the next. Though the exchange was wordless, I could feel his eyes dig into my heart. If I failed this mission, I was a dead man, and I knew it.
  Umbragolde is a guild within the city of Aurel which primarily operates underground and in the shadows. Though most have heard of this mysterious guild, few have come to learn its secrets.


The Flow of Information

An organization based around intelligence, the Umbragolde guild's primary function is to collect information. Though based in the city of Aurel, the guild operates as a long line of communications and information webs which span the entirety of Terramarre.   Knowledge is power, and few know this to be so true as the Umbragolde. The guild uses its understanding of the region and all of its intricacies to sway politics and make business deals that make the city richer than even its rulers may fully realize.

The darkest shadows appear in the brightest light, but is that always a bad thing?

Information Network

The Flow of Information

The public knows precious little of Umbragolde, but it has always been clear that they know a startling amount of information about anything and everything there is to know about within the city and its outskirts. Rumors among the townspeople often paint Umbragolde as a guild of assassins, or otherwise unsavory characters. While it may not be entirely untrue that Umbragolde has skilled assassins at its disposal, the guild prefers to avoid bloodshed where possible. Death is a last resort, as keeping the peace is difficult when tensions and rumors grow unchecked.
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