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Witches' Might Group

Together, witches can accomplish anything. Together, we can realize our freedom and take back our birthright.
— Reginald Augustus Emerson
  The Witches' Might Group was a secret cabal of witches who instigated the Great Uprising, a coup / civil war that led to the fall of the Imbrianus Empire. After the Great Uprising, the more devoted members of the Witches' Might Group hunted down and killed mages that fled before or during the war.   The new nations of Imbria, formed after the war, turned a blind eye to these murders, unwilling to prosecute the group so instrumental in their new freedom. Many people of the time rationalized it as a brutal necessity to ensure the continued safety and freedoms of all witches and nomas.  

Arcanis Academy

Founded two years after the Witches' Might Group, Arcanis Academy Academy became the base of operations for the group as well as its training grounds. The academy offered a way to recruit and train witches without drawing undue attention from the mages or authorities. The academy also served as a means of income to fund the group's clandestine activities.   The assumed educational nature of the academy allowed the group to operate in Imbria while drawing little suspicion. From here, the group produced propaganda, set up their own spy network, and ploted their attempts to overthorw the mages.

Reginald Augustus Emerson

Founder and leader of both the Witches' Might Group and Arcanis Academy, Reginald Emerson's fierce determination and charismatic leadership held together the group. Because of this, he is considered as largely responsible for the Great Uprising Uprising and for the freedom of the new nations of Imbria.   Reginald is largely considered a hero in Salaris, the modern nation where his academy still stands. Arcanis Academy is a thriving institution that is well enmeshed with the Salaris government. A large monument to Reginald stands before the entrance to the academy, and the nearby city, Emerson City, is named after his family's name.


Reginald Augustus Emerson founded the Witches' Might Group in 358 DE and Arcanis Academy in 360 DE. The group then spent nearly 20 years growing their ranks, recruiting witches to the academy, and training a small army. They also established a spy network, gathered intel on various mages, including Emperor Imbrianus, and plotted their attack.  

Failed Assassination

In the summer of 379 DE, the group coordinated an attack against high-level, prominant mages throughout Imbria. The attacks were largely successful; 17 powerful mages were killed, but the emperor avoided assassination, executed 53 witches involved in the attacks, and captured others.   This failed assassination attempt propelled the Witches' Might Group into a declaration of war, as their identities and purpose were now compromised.  

Great Uprising

380 DE to 394 DE
This bloody, 14-year war spanned the entire subcontinent of Imbria, pitting mages against witches. Nomas found themselves on both sides of the battle, sometimes willingly, other times not.   For much of the war, mages held the advantage over witches with their greater power. Near the end of the war, however, Emerson's group discovered a way to supress most mage power, affecting even the emperor. The death of Emperor Imbrianus signaled the end of the war.   394 DE to 400 DE
After the war, the Witches' Might Group continued to operate. Many of the members participated in mage hunts in which they tracked down mages and eradicated not only them but their entire families. By 400 DE, the group declared mages extinct, news which was celebrated by most.   The group held together for five more years, even after the death of its leader, Reginald Emerson, in 403 DE, but in 405 DE the group disbanded, fearing prosecution for their activities in the mage hunts.

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Witches United

358 DE - 405 DE

Social, Brotherhood
Training Level
Base of Operations
Arcanis Academy

About the Flag
Designed by Reginald Emerson, the Witches' Might Group operated under the same banner as the Academy at which they trained and met

History of Witches' Might Group

Mages & Witches

Mages were considered to posess more raw power than witches, able to perform magic simply by willing things to happen rather than having to rely on spells, rituals, or items. Mages often had one type of magic they used, while witches have more flexibility in the types of magic they can learn and use.   Mages were defeated in the Great Uprising and eradicated in the following years.  
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  • 358 DE

    Founding of Witches' Might Group

    Founded by Reginald Emerson, it was originally a small group of witches who were dissatisified with the second-rate status of witches as compared to mages.

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    Witches' Might Group
  • 360 DE

    Founding of Arcanis Academy
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    Arcanis Academy
    Additional timelines
  • 361 DE

    380 DE

    Growth & Training
    Life, Education

    Strong recruitment efforts into the new Arcanis Academy and subsequent military-type training, led by high-level Witches' Might members.

  • 379 DE

    Witch Strike & Failed Assassination

    A coordinated magical attack at a number of high-society events taking place throughout Imbria on a single night. Many mages died that night, but the primary target, Emperor Imbrianus, escaped the attack at his palace.17 mages died. 53 witches were executed following this concerted attack, while an unknown number of witches were interrogated by the emperor's arch-mages.

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    Great Uprising
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  • 380 DE

    394 DE

    Great Uprising
    Military action

    A massive coup / civil war in Imbria that had long-lasting repercussions. Witches rose up against the ruling mage class and toppled an empire. (see Magic Tiers)

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    Great Uprising
  • 394 DE

    400 DE

    Mage Hunts
    Criminal Activity

    After the Great Uprising, the more devoted members of the Witches' Might Group hunted down and killed mages that fled before or during the war. This was rationalized as a necessity to prevent mages from eventually reclaiming power over the lands.

  • 394 DE

    Independent Nations

    The end result of the Great Uprising was the splitting of Imbria into smaller, independent nations: Eldahi, Salaris, Torverath, Necros, & Rhovan

    Additional timelines
  • 403 DE

    Death of Reginald Emerson, Founder
    Life, Death

    Upon the founder's death, ownership and management of Arcanis Academy fell to his son, Augustus Emerson, who would transition the academy from a standing army to an educational institution and mercenary business

    Additional timelines
  • 405 DE

    Dissolution of Witches' Might Group

    With the death of Reginald Emerson and the declared success of the mage hunts, the group decided to officially disband.

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    Witches' Might Group


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