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The Iron Blossom

The Iron Blossom is an enigmatic organization which trades in information. It always sells to the highest bidder. All secrets that are bought and sold never allow one customer of the Iron Blossom to gain a significant advantage, forcing the customers to continue trading information to avoid becoming disadvantaged, allowing The Iron Blossom to remain in business.

Customers of The Iron Blossom range from small time criminals trying to learn information on a potential mark, to government organizations looking for information on troop movements. Due to the nature of the information the The Iron Blossom trades the organization is looked upon as a necessary evil, among the peoples and governments of Eirath. As a general rule, if a employee of the organization is arrested or detained a politely worded request will be sent to the agency in question requesting the release of the employee.

At times The Iron Blossom has had to use force for one reason or another. Sometimes buyer wont pay debts, sellers break the rules and sell to other groups as well, or an organization refuses to release an asset. When these situations occur The Iron Blossom will send in an assassin to eliminate the offender(s). This is quite rare and is done only sparingly once all other methods of diplomacy have failed.


Lucas Bursk is the secret head of The Iron Blossom, the organizations second in command is mage named Eviar. Besides for the body guards and direct security of The Iron Blossom's HQ no one knows that Bursk and Eviar are in charge. All contact with brokers outside of the headquarters is done via sending stones. Brokers are paid to gather information or to pay assets to provide it. The information is then forwarded to The Iron Blossom HQ via secure drops and couriers. Since no one knows the identify of another the system cannot be easily broken.


Approximately 2,000 souls gathering information. A small ten person security force at the headquarters and 40 assassins located around the world.
Information Network

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