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Oni Horde

The band of Oni that terrorized Kyoto in the 10th century, kidnapping, murdering, stealing (mostly sake), torturing, and who knows what else. After their raids, the group headed back to their cave to party until they ran out of alcohol. It was headed by Shuten Douji, who intended for Ibaraki Douji to replace him as leader when he retired. Before that though, the horde would take over all of Western Japan. Then Ibaraki would lead the Horde to take over the remainder of the country.   Shuten envisioned owning Japan's entire sake supply. Ibaraki had other plans. She would be the first female leader in the history of the almost all male race. She loved Shuten for taking her in, though his plans didn't go much beyond drunkeness. He considered the group to be an elite corps, but Ibaraki was the one to whip them into a fighting force.


When Minamoto no Raikou and his companions dressed as priests, snuck into the Oni King's cave, they got him drunk and slaughtered Shuten Douji and the Horde. Ibaraki Douji the lone survivor escaped, vowing revenge on her leader/lover and that she would rebuild the Oni Horde someday. During her search, she lost her arm to a samurai named Watanabe no Tsuna. She retrieved the arm and had it reattached through dark magic, that cost her a great sacrifice and a couple hundred years servitude.   Over a thousand years have passed since the days of the Oni Horde ended. But Ibaraki is gathering the troops, waiting for the right time. If rumor has it right, that time is almost upon us.
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All of Japan for all the sake!

9th century - 995

Illicit, Terrorist group

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