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Kuniyoshi Ichiyusai, Imperial Bodyguard Fighting with a Demon, pub. Kawaguchi-ya Uhei, 1825. (Public Domain)
The subject of many myths, oni are a violent, malevolent demon race from the Spirit Realm.   They're large, muscular brutes who often prefer to use a spiked club. Giving an enemy a gore spattered end with the swing of his weapon makes their day. Super natural strength combined with their size, makes them formidable.   Unless, lead by one of their own kind they don't make good soldiers. Powerful magic and/or charisma is involved in any oni army.


Humans consumed by rage can turn into an oni. But it's unclear if this is how the first oni came to be.  


Fiercely independent with large ki reserves, it's almost impossible to summon them to do one's bidding.
Built like an ox, not much can stop them.


Often not the most intelligent. They tend to let a berserker rage speak for them.
Not adaptable. Once set on a task, they don't change direction easily. (Can be a benefit if you need this trait for a task. But in battle this can be deadly.)
Public Domain Photograph by Amcaja


black or white
on top of head or forehead common
Average Height
6'5" - 7'9" (195 - 236cm)
Average Weight
325 - 400 lbs (158 - 181 kg)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Vivid colors. Red (most common), blue, green

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Liminal Chronicles Series bookcover art by Odette.A.Bach and text by Amy Winters-Voss. Short story bookcovers by Amy Winters-Voss
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