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The Deep Concern

The Deep Concern is a vast criminal network on Lyra III and quite likely the most powerful entity on the planet. This insidious group has a hand in almost every profitable venture on the planet, legal or otherwise. They specialize in providing the citizens of the Lyra System with the things they want but can't have.


At the street level, the distinction between legitimate business and an arm of the concern. This is because in many areas, The Deep Concern behaves more like community organizers than cut throat gangsters. For a percentage of profit, they guarantee safety and security of the business. The next step up the ladder, the Concern begins to manifest its darker nature: the perfection of turning violence into profit.


By no means are the Deep Concern a secret organization and go as far to operate official offices and dens in most population centers on the surface.   The culture of the syndicate is intensely hierarchical, each member reports to a more senior member who is responsible for mentoring and directing.   These factors make membership incredibly appealing to the young and disenfranchised. Joining isn't as easy as signing up; a test of loyality is always required.

Public Agenda

The Deep Concern presents itself as a company working towards the betterment of the working man. Any public facing authority figure is likely to mild mannered and vaguely parental.


The Deep Concern grew out of a loose network of smugglers and blockade runners during The Annexation Wars. These were lucrative days for the syndicate; they brought supplies downwell, moved fighters and arms through conflict zones, and smuggled refugees and contraband up the space elevator.

Run Deep, Run Silent

Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Syndicate
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
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