Northern Sun

I gave you every chance to prove your worth, and you failed to do so. Now you come before me to beg?
Leave this region and start anew. At least then there is a chance you will be worth a damn, rather than rotting in an early grave.
— "Sunny", Head of the Northern Sun
The Northern Sun are a multinational organised crime syndicate, primarily based in the Republic of Na-ochiixid. Their main sources of income come from smuggling and trafficking, followed by the extortion of citizens and public officials.



Na-ochiixid has had a turbulent history since The Collision 425 years ago, and no other group demonstrates that turbulence better than the Northern Sun. Founded during the Era of Famine, the core of the organised crime group descended from the then-recently deposed Na-ochii Kings, specifically Bogako IV.
  The founder was Bogako's great-grandson, Zoiva Kostrothe, who initially formed the organisation while in exile in Dätsalöl. While Northern Sun was intended to support him in "claiming his birthright", it became clear there was little support for him in his homeland. He pivoted, encouraging his associates abroad to "think long term". At the time it wasn't clear what he meant, but in hindsight this seems to have meant that they were to become a business aimed on accruing money and power before all else.
  Unlike similar crime syndicates, Zoiva kept the core of the 'family' strictly blood related, and his son Naiko was placed in charge upon Zoiva's death. Naiko remained exiled, but his son Zoiva Jr was granted the ability by the Na-ochiixid Parliament to return to the country, marking the transfer of power away from Dätsalöl. A branch run by Zoiva's cousin did remain there, as well as other branches being established in other countries around Lake Strelish.
  Nothern Sun drifted in and out of prominence over the decades, being at its most well known during the "career" of crime son Zoiva "Smiles" Kostrothe. After his execution for various crimes in the Republic, the Na-ochiixid branch of the organisation went quiet, correctly guessing that if they caused no trouble that they wouldn't be tracked down.

Present Day

The Northern Sun has slowly returned to prominence in recent years, placing a heavy focus on its smuggling and trafficking methods of money making. While the deaths of many of their rivals are certainly at their hands, very few members have been convicted of crimes.
  The current leader is believed to be Smiles' grandson Dhöko Kostrothe, more commonly known as "Sunny". He's a very reclusive figure, and multiple men have represented him in public. He is notable less for his decisions as head of the crime syndicate, and more for the familial connections he has made. Notably, his older sister Chairri is married to a man in a high place - Grand Prince Ünivis III of Ibza Xüfonz, a match that brought no small amount of controversy and criticism of Ünivis.


The Northern Sun are arranged, first and foremost, around the Kostrothe family. The family is patriarchal, and each country's branch is run by a direct male relative of the head. Female relatives will often be married to prominent non-related members of the gang, bringing them into the fold.
  The Na-ochiixid branch is the supreme branch of the organisation, with all other groups jostling for power below them. Historically, the 'senior' branch has been the one in Dätsalöl, but after Chairri's marriage many believe that Ibza Xüfonz has become more powerful.
  Most members of Northern Sun are human and of the Na-ochayo culture, though the existence of elf suns and those from other cultures and regions aren't unheard of.
"Sunny", believed to be Dhöko Kostrothe
Founding Date
5 Famine 140 Years Ago
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Kostrothe Gang
Related Professions
Related Ethnicities


The most famous member of the Nothern Suns was yet another man named Zoiva Kostrothe, distinguished from his predecessors with the nickname "Smiles". Smiles rose to prominence late in the Era of Disturbance, while his grandfather Zoiva Jr was still in charge. His youthful exuberance, and flaunting of his wealth and power, gained him a lot of attention outside of the Nothern Sun membership.   Smiles put on a generous face, investing in community programs which the government had ignored. He also organised a mass jailbreak in a Na-ochii prison, freeing all inside. That this jailbreak resulted in the deaths of every guard on the premises did little to dampen his appeal, and he bragged about his role in the incident without fear.   Smiles fell from grace after he attempted to run for a position in the Na-ochiixid parliament. His potential future colleagues were wary of him given what happened last time, and tried to find reasons to disqualify him. The disrespect from politicians infuriated him, and a few short weeks later his opponent in his seat was murdered, as well as some of his colleagues.   The public turned on Smiles, and while out promoting his political campaign he was tackled by civilians and arrested. That this happened suggests that his own gang was sick of his antics, "forgetting" to take certain actions to prevent his capture. He was found guilty of many of crimes, like tax evasion and conspiracy to murder, and was executed shortly after.
Bloodied Sword by Free-Photos


Author's Notes

This article was written for the "Write about an organization in your world that has become so powerful it's above the law" prompt of Summer Camp 2020!

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