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The Hospitaliers

The Hospitaliers are the esteemed and powerful public service workers of N'uage D'Argent. They have the authority to call on the service of any government agency, and often operate softly outside of the bounds of the law as needed to do their work.

The Law is in service of the Hospitaliers. The Hospitalier's are in service of the natives. The natives are in service to the common good. The common good is the domain of the Hospitalier.

I know it's impossible to believe that any peoples could be as truly altruistic as the people of Bordeaux, but it's that exact mindset which makes the Hospitaliers so important. You are a danger to their society by the mere selfishness inherant to you, selfishness which Bordeaux does not experience.

Responsible Power

The structure of the Hospitaliers relies on the inherant and supposed altruism of Manne-Kyn. Only they are allowed to be Hospitaliers, because they are thought to posess the ability to remember all the rules and particular language of the Hospitaliers, only they are so organized to handle the task and so empathetic to do so with care for people.

While the rest of the universe rarely recognizes how much power is given to the hospitaliers, many do balk at how ubiqutious they are, and how capable they seem to be of finding those in need of help.

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Dec 3, 2020 05:51 by Anna Katherina

I love this, omg. I already have a super soft spot for Manne-Kyns but this is icing on the cake honestly

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Dec 5, 2020 19:06 by Ademal

They're definitely a favorite for me as well. NouBordeaux, their world, is also the homeworld of Dartesi from Ethnis Eats!

CSS Whisperer • Community Admin • Author of Ethnis
Dec 5, 2020 22:22 by Anna Katherina

That explains why I love Dartesi so much then! I have a weak spot for your Mannes and everything associated with them <3

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