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SC2020 - The Venerators of the Celestial Parents

The Venerators of the Celestial Parents believe that Narkivo is the physical manifestation of a celestial being, and that his partner, Linara, is manifested in the ocean.   They believe that the alien structures were put on the planet by Narkivo as a way to apeace and calm his wild mistress. They have long advocated that using the alien structures as skeletons for the human settlers own buildings was desecration and that it would invoke the wrath of Narkivo and awaken Linara's temperament.   This prophecy came true with Wratazi. While the Venerators saw it as just punishment for the blasphemy that the settlers had done, they were also the first to set up relief and help survivors with food and shelter. The Venerators were also the only faction who had harvested their fields, despite a miserable yield. Since they had preached the wrath and warned the leaders of Jekross that a disaster was coming, this foresight of an early harvest lend them no ill will from the majority of the population. On the contrary it served as proof, that the Venerators were telling the truth and that they knew the will of the gods. Thus, the Venerators decreed that no alien structure should ever again be desecrated. Instead, the alien structures should stand as centerpieces of town squares, untouched, with all roads emanating out from them, and with all structures build in carefully planned out patterns around them. Furthermore, no buildings should obstruct the view from the coast, so that Linara would forever have her view.   The Venerators now hold dominion over Jekross, and it is their theocracy that set the rules. They have become so powerful, that the City Senate fear they cannot do anything if Jekross and The Venerators decide not to follow the common guidelines of the Great Cities - especially since the Jekross province is a food producer for so many of the Great Cities.
Religious, Other

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