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The Hand of Njirralde

The Hand of Njirralde was formerly a covert task force under the rule of King Byron III. Today, though it still technically serves under the King of Njirralde, it operates solely under its own jurisdiction. While the King may ask it to perform a task, the organization decides whether it wants to fulfill it.  

Above the Law

The Hand of Njirralde operates under the assumption that the end justifies the means. To protect its view of Njirralde, it may remove corrupt officials from office or weed out shady businesses. Many see the organization as a necessary evil and support most of its actions. As the organization has a large say in who is in power, historically removing King Byron III from power through assassination, it manages to coexist with the kingdom with no repercussions for its criminal actions.  


While not required to wear a uniform, many member choose to wear them while fulfilling the organization's tasks. The uniform is loose but is generally characterized by a red shirt or jacket, pants, boots, and a wide-brimmed hat. The basic design is taken and modified or added to by members to reflect their own style.


All decisions of the Hand of Njirralde are made by a committee on which all members have a seat and hold equal decision-making power. Committee meetings are held whenever a member has information to present; attendance is optional and a summary of the proceedings is sent to those who did not attend. Missions are decided on by the committee and are optional. Members can go for years of no contact with the organization without repercussions.  

Committee Process

Information is brought to the attention of the committee by a member. If the committee takes an interest in it an investigation is launched.   Once the investigation is complete, the committee will decide what action, if any, needs to be taken. A mission request is sent out to all members. Members can choose whether they want to take the mission or not. Once they have decided, those who accepted will be put into contact with one another to determine if they wish to form a group or if one person will do the mission and who.   Once the mission is complete, a detailed report will be sent back to the committee detailing what actions were taken and what if anything went wrong. The committee will then release the reason and supporting evidence behind the mission to the public.  

New Members

New members are invited to the guild by senior members. They are suggested to sit in on a few committees to see how the decision making process works and to form a team with at least one senior member for their first mission. Some decide that they do not wish to be a part of the organization as it is not as they had imagined it to be.

Rogue Members

If a member of the Hand of Njirralde goes against the decisions of the committee, they are blacklisted and a high priority mission is put out for their termination. A member may be blacklisted if they attack a person under the protection of the organization, alert or aide a target, or cause purposeful and avoidable damage to civilian lives and property.

Public Agenda

To do what needs to be done, for the betterment of Njirralde, no matter the cost.
— Mission Statement
The Hand of Njirralde makes no attempt to hide its actions. After a mission has been completed and a report filed, the organization releases the events of the operation and the motivations behind it including hard evidence of the target's misdeeds. Because all of its actions are explained and backed by condemning evidence, the public often find that they agree with the organization.


The Hand of Njirralde started as a covert task force created by King Byron III to deal with his political opponents. They were mainly tasked with espionage, sabotage, and assassination. Members of the organization were former prisoners sentenced to execution who were offered their lives in return for servitude. They were highly trained and kept unaware of who they worked for. Missions were issued by handlers and they were forced to complete them; rejecting an order meant immediate execution.   However, while the King thought he had a tight leash on them, he did not take into consideration that the only thing tieing them to the organization was the threat of death and that many of the missions meant risking their lives. Markov Obrenson, a member of the Hand of Njirralde originally imprisoned for arson and an undetected foreign agent decided that he'd had enough of working for an unknown Njirraldian force. He made contact with other members of the organization and began a counter operation to determine who they were working for.   When they discovered that they were working for the king, he decided to make use of the organization and convinced them to take him out for the good of Njirralde. The group continued on, with Obrenson at the helm directing them to take out powerful Njirraldian figures under the guise of weeding out corruption. Eventually, however, the other members caught on and turned on him.   After Obrenson's death, the organization was restructured: members would have equal standing and no one would remain anonymous; members were not required to take missions and were allowed to leave if they wished; a thorough investigation would be done before a mission was administered to determine if they had ample reason and evidence to take out the target.   With these changes in place, the organizations took steps to increase its standing in the eyes of the populous. A written statement was administered detailing the actions of the organization under King Byron III and Markov Obrenson. Subsequent missions were followed with similar reports describing the reason behind their actions and evidence to support those reasons. Though the government tried many times to arrest them or have them killed, their members evaded capture and eventually, they became hesitant to cross them.   Today, the Hand of Njirralde is left to its own devices and the general consensus is that they are beneficial to Njirralde despite the means they use to accomplish their goals.

Banish the Corrupt

Military Order
Alternative Names
The Reach
Training Level
Veterancy Level

Notable Members

Jakolv Nemeste on Pehvahda

Jakolv Nemeste

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