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The Sunburst Sepulchre

At the very heart of Aurelion society is Aushurie, the goddess of light, their most venerable princess and saviour. Through her comes the Sunburst Sepulchre, a fable made manifest. The original Sunburst Sepulchre is said to be the final resting place of "something" the herald of sunlight and first messenger of Aushurie to the Aelfaune.   Despite their carefully cultivated benevolent and resplendent reputation as defenders of the innocent, the downtrodden and champions of all that is good and just in the world. The true face of the Sepulchre is a far more malevolent and Machiavellian entity than any care to believe.

Public Agenda

The Sepulchres primary mission is to bring it's enlightened ideals to every corner of Evalaw, by any means necessary. Those that resist their enlightenment are deemed heretics in the Sepulchres eyes, and lost to the darkness. Thus, they must be purified in the goddesses blessed light, to redeem their souls and cleanse them of all sin and wickedness before the divine flame. Those that are willingly to embrace the holy light of Aushurie into their soul must submit to the will of her chosen. To be illuminated by the teachings and taught in the ways of the Sunburst Sepulchre. The fate of those caught by the Sepulchre is to be either assimilated or incinerated. Those they do not deem worthy of the goddesses benevolent judgements whose souls are too corrupted to be redeemed, are cursed and banished into the darkness for all time, to be forgotten and shunned by the light until the ending of the world.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Sepulchre reach is far, it's influence and power has infiltrated and undermined ever echelon of Aurlorien society. The Patrilineal primogeniture laws of the Aurlorien monarchy states that the High King must take the Oracle of Aushurie as his bridge and forsake all others. If the High King refuses he relinquishes all claim to the throne and forcibly removed. Placing the Sunburst Sepulchre above and beyond the High King himself. Leading to most believing that the true power in Aurelion lies with the Oracle of Aushurie herself. And whilst the Oracle does wield significant power equal to the High King of Aurelion, hers influence and sway is merely a pretence in the internal affairs of the Sepulchre. She merely acts as a figure head, the true power of the Sepulchre and it's affairs lies with the Archlight Council. A body of venerable elders whom have held sway over the religion since its inception.
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