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Aurgelmir's Blood

As much as it is erroneous to think of the Udo in the Castraversi as one group of people or one identity, the same applies to the Ars. As a part of their cultural worldview, however, the Ars are insistent on maintaining a singular identity, even with their arrival from a distant Framework. This works both ways, in their favor for some to establish a uniformity in ideals, but against them in allowing numbers of their people who have interests in opposing the Graf Xlibris to take the routes to the Castraversi and then rise above them.   Most of these groups who join the Ars and then lead into opposing them tend to be led by notable combatants from the Nix ancestry, a particular ethnic background that arises from even harsher conditions than the Hespers, or the larger percentage of ethnicity that make up the Ars. These Nix and their followers form factions that grant an surprising advantage to fighting forces such as The Barakut√°shi.   A name of one of these factions of the greatest notoriety is that of Aurgelmir's Blood, a band of roving privateers of the Subselar Boundary that arrive unexpectedly and honor their Nix heritage by laying waste to Ars encampments. Being Ars themselves, the others tend to have a difficult time figuring out how to legally take them down, as previous protections were assigned to all Ars. So as far as their Old Laws go, Aurgelmir's Blood and other factions are free to do as they wish and break as many of the Ars' commands to the Ara and the other phratries, and due to much of the infighting of people who follow the Graf Xlibris, it will take another Concili choice to assign a Graf Primis to fix the conflicts created by the Aurgelmir's Blood. But until that matter is resolved, the name is feared and mocked in Ars hierarchy.

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