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Jeremy Unitt | Member Since 19 May, 2019
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Hello, fellow Anvilites!   My name is Jeremy Unitt, and I joined this site mid-2019 to help work on my creative ventures and attempt to organize decades of work, starting from content I began to produce around 2002, into a sustainable business and creative endeavor. My passions for creativity found focus in various fields, and I've been creating numerous worlds for as long as I can remember.   Around 2014 I got into a life situation that cost me dearly. And though I'm still around to show that even the hardest moments can achieve mastery with a little help and a little focus, I can't forget that I almost gave up this effort entirely. For years it took a lot just to get back into the drive.   When I moved and settled into my place in 2018, I started feeling the drive to start my work in full. And I've been doing my best to compile and exercise my creative desires as best I can! It wasn't straightforward to do so working at my job at the time, but ideas continued formation, and I dutifully wrote them down, hoping to one day fill this page with all my desires and works that gathered over two decades of development.   Then mid-March of 2020, the pandemic was announced. Shortly after, I received instruction I wouldn't be able to work at my job at the time to help flatten the curve, I have been home since, trying my very best to begin the steady process of publicizing and preparing my content for the public. I've opened a Patreon, a Ko-fi, and was working on developing a few tools to spread my work far and wide.   Then May 25th, George Floyd was killed on the streets of Minneapolis, and I no longer felt like I could just sit back and do things for myself anymore. As it stands, the Essalim Collate, and it's design efforts by myself is going to simultaneously work to broadcast the voices ignored for so long, via my creative endeavors and the content I've designed.   I aim to develop a creative industry where the fear of speaking up will not be a problem, and the ability to do so will exist in the form of the original worldbuilding development itself. A desire to promote open dialogue while exploring the many themes of fictional media in the world is my mission. I hope that anyone learning about this project for the first time will understand everything I do is with the intent to spread Love as best as I can!   I'm not perfect, I know I've made my mistakes, but worldbuilding has been a constant for me for as long as I can remember. And one day, I hope that this work I've done will help push the future in a better direction than it has been, for our sakes and the sakes of the upcoming generations that will follow us!   Feel free to ask me questions at any time, I'm very talkative and love to be able to share my designs and motivations behind it!