The Castraversi

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"Where there is life, there is greed..." - The Chrestomath

Welcome to Leviathan

  The Castraversi is a Ceonic-class Framework of the Yirim dominated by the greed of invasive Ars, barely held together by the hope of many peoples hidden under a false peace and false identity. Recognized by a super-Planar named by the Ars as Paentellus, the entire Framework has artificially constructed dimensional barriers that contain three distinct divided realities called Sectors. This was one of the main designs of the Ars who took over this Framework, in eras prior to this sweep of control, the Framework was known as Leviathan in Yirimoth academia, in reference to the Framework's unknown quality outside the percept civilizations of that time.  

The Three Sectors

  The Ars have artificially constructed three barriers on the Planars and Selars of this Framework, nestling them in highly regulated and controlled environments based on their needs and demands. The names reported to Yirimoth scholars are as follows:  
  • Sector Maraine : contains the original Planar or Selar, where the atmosphere is described as poisonous, cities and settlements are bound in noxious webs from a mysterious enemy known as the Vora, and the rumors of terrible beasts and monsters haunt every corner,
  • Sector Xalia : contains a sectioned off territory approved by the Ars for communities under their watch and resides above the original Planar or Selar in that locality's troposphere,
  • Sector Kelm : which contains the headquarters of SHISM, the ruling body of the Ars, and their martial-judicial and legislative bodies that govern their progress throughout Free Space. This is a sectioned off portion of the Subselar Boundary that margins the Planar or Selar surrounded by Ars technology.

The Truth of the Castraversi

  The Castraversi was long inhabited by Udo who arrived in this point of the Yirim thousands of years prior to the arrival of the Ars. The Planars had names and cultures developed from this original group, and their long and proud history speaks to a developing nation that was rising steadily to great heights before the Ars came and enacted dominion. After a century of this subjection, the original inhabitants have begun to learn how to use their Framework's power via the means of their intrinsic ties to the Three Forms and their Yer . Combating the overwhelming influence of the Ars with these ancestral powers handed down through generations will allow them to reclaim their history, their true names, and their rights over the Framework that was wrested away from them.