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Organization WIP

There is an organization in the city of Bluji, and in several other places, that believes themselves to be above the law (and for the most part they are correct). It's not the upper classes; it's those that practice magic.
    For any place that heavily depends on magic to light the way, keep food fresh, and to make sure the cobbles in the road stay down, magic users are in high demand. This means they have set their prices and that they know they are not to be removed from the city's ecosystem. What happens next though, is that many of them become bloated with the power they have.
  In Bluji for instance, the magic users there have made rules that require magic spells to be updated around four times a month, which costs money from the people they work the spells for. The lights that glow on the streets at night are paid for by the mayor (or the leader in charge of the city), however personal spells to make sure doors can't be broken, that alarms go off to wake people for work, and that places in the house are the right temperature of hot, cold, or just right.
  What's starting to happen now though, with metal workers learning how to reliably make lights, alarms, and colder boxes, the magic users are getting a little worried that spells will become useless. In addition, metal messes with magic and leaves spells weaker or makes them combust when they're being cast. Because of this, the magic users are more hostile to others than usual, taking out their worries and concerns on the metalworkers they see going around the city.
  There are protests that are happening in the city where people are fighting back about the magic prices, and there are metalworkers that are fighting against the fact that the magic users are going to get their way each time (and not brought to justice). There is a saying though, that if someone is murdered, the murderer is most likely a mage (either they killed by spell or they were the ones that paid coin to kill).

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Cover image: by Gaelle Marcel


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