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Uposia Arcane University

Uposia Arcane University (UAU, for short) is one of four prestigious magic schools. Steeped in tradition, UAU prides itself on being the oldest of the four universities. Consequently, they hold the most power. While there is an official government that does hold power, many look to UAU for guidance. In addition, UAU secretly allows and teaches members of the Umbra Nova Society. The Umbra Nova Society practices illegal magic that many consider to be dark or unnatural. UAU has three departments: Magical Crafting (Artificers), Traditional Arcane (Wizards), and Genesis (Sorcerers).


Council of Five

Uposia is led by the Council of Five. The Council of Five makes almost all decisions for UAU. They are headed by the Archmage, currently Archmage Aronin. All council members must have graduated from UAU. This was not always the case, but it is mandatory now. There is one representative from each department, Traditional Arcane, Magical Crafting, and the Genesis Program. The Archmage is officially neutral, regardless of their former association as a faulty member and student. The last seat is reserved for an "outside" member. This seat goes to an influential person that graduated from UAU but has not been a faculty member. It is usually a noble of some type. The current members are: Archmage Aronin, Dean Ginior (Genesis Program), Dean Ilin (Traditional Arcane), Dean Afaris (Magical Crafting), and Lord Penumbre.  


There is a separate department that works with the Council of Five to run the day-to-day operations of the school. The Administration Department handles all paperwork, tuition, and general operations of the school. Admissions is split between this department, but exceptions are left up to the Council of Five. The Administration Department carries out the decisions of the Council of Five on a school wide level.  

Traditional Arcane Department

The Traditional Arcane Department is the oldest and largest department at UAU. It is further split up into the different schools of magic. Necromancy is taught but only to select few in secret. The Traditional Arcane Department is the largest department and has the most facilities and research labs. General courses that are required for the other two departments are also part of this department. Mechanically, this department is for wizards. It is led by Dean Ilin. There are 11 professors (not counting the dean) at this department. Each professor specializes in a different form of magic.   Professors: Arx (Abjuration), Aevum (Chronurgy), Pareo (Conjuration), Sors (Divination), Ales (Divination, Onomancy), Lepare (Enchantment), Lasbes (Graviturgy), Penumbre (Illusion), Vorto (Transmutation), Antumbre (General, Necromancy), and Divinio (General).  

Genesis Program

The Genesis Program is an exclusive department that is recommendation only. It is the smallest department at UAU. It is independent of the Traditional Arcane department, but the two departments work closely together. The Genesis Department is, mechanically, for sorcerers. This is essentially the Honors Department. They share some classes with the Traditional Arcane department, but they have classes that are unique to them. Most deal with magic production and sourcing. The Genesis Program is run by Dean Ginior. There are 9 professors (not counting the dean) at this department. Each professor teaches a different origin.   Professors: Dradrus (Draconic), Gigan (Giant), Aliiplae (Psionic), Inbustio (Pyromancy), Mare (Sea), Fera (Wild Magic), Atrata (Runechild), and Penumbre (Shadow).  

Magical Crafting

The Magical Crafting department has little variation in terms of unique paths, but is still fairly large. This department focuses on creating magical items. Some specialize in creating items for others, but others focus on creating items for themselves to use. Mechanically, this department is for artificers. It is headed by Dean Afaris. There are four professors in this department.   Professors: Pocus (Alchemy), Arnatus (Armorer), Magna (Artillerist), and Proliem (Battle Smith).


Tradition- A large part of UAU's success, in terms of education and political standing, is due to its tradition. People know what to expect from UAU, so they trust it. UAU adheres to strict codes and is usually made up of well-known magical families. While many see tradition as one of UAU's greatest strengths, those that do not come from well-known magical families often find it exclusive and confusing.   Heritage- Similarly to tradition, heritage is one of UAU's greatest strengths. The Council of 5 is modeled after the Five Great Wizards. Those same Five Great Wizards founded the university for people to learn and research at. UAU prides itself on its connection to the Five Great Wizards.   Knowledge- If tradition is what makes UAU great, knowledge is why UAU exists. The Five Great Wizards wanted to create a place where people could study and research magic in place. UAU continually strives to make itself a better institution of higher education, even though it is already the best.

Public Agenda

UAU prides itself on educating the future generations of wizards. They also have a robust research department that allows them to continually innovate.


5 AC- Uposia Arcane Institute. The four remaining Five Great Wizards decide to open a university where magic is studied and researched. They decided to name it after the fifth great wizard, Uposia, who unfortunately died during the calamity.   48 AC- "The Luxus Revolution" A revolution takes place. UAU officially opposes the revolution, in support of Dean Umbrae, but do not enforce any beliefs on its students or faculty. Many students stand with Dean Umbrae, but some join into the riots and revolution. The revolution was decisive and tested the bonds of UAU.   49 AC- The Luxus Revolution reaches its peak. One of the Five Great Wizards, Umbrae, decides to leave the university over controversy of her magic. This causes a system to be implemented for how successors are chosen to the Council of Five.   53 AC- The Luxus Revolution is successful. A new government is implemented. Necromancy magic is banned and illusion is strictly monitored. UAU officially closes its necromancy school, but continues to teach it in secret.   141 AC- UAU opens its doors to sorcerers under the "Genesis" program. This move was regarded as controversial by some as sorcerers wouldn't have the "noble upbringing" that many of the wizards did. To this day, the Genesis program remains relatively small.   172 AC- Uposia Arcane Institute is renamed to Uposia Arcane University. This came after many expansions to the school and its grounds. Many felt that institute was "too small a word" for the size of the school.   193 AC- The new government (from the Luxus Revolution) discovers that UAU has been teaching Necromancy in secret. The university is almost shut down, but the resignation of 2 of the Great Wizards that were responsible for the teachings keep its doors open. There is only one of the Great Wizards left on the council. UAU officially condemns Necromancy and former-Dean Umbrae.   226 AC- The remaining Great Wizard dies mysteriously, leaving the university without any of its original Great Wizards.   576 AC- The Industrial Revolution begins. UAU decides to open the Department of Magical Crafting (artificers).   686 AC- After some time, dedicated traditionalists occupy the UAU council. By this point, the Luxus government has stopped monitoring the university so closely. UAU makes the decision to start teaching "banned" magics again. There is tighter security, but UAU manages.

From tradition, strength; from knowledge, growth.

Founding Date
5 AC
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names

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