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Order of the Stormchangers


The Stormchangers in Diakai have a hierarchy somewhat based on age. The oldest living Stormchanger is usually the master of their order. Because the skills take many years to fully master, older practitioners of the ancient arts are the best-versed in its usage.

Public Agenda

Blessed with unique abilities, the Stormchangers proclaim their desire to aid the people of Diakai. They do this by mitigating disasters, influencing the weather, so crops don’t fail, among other things.


In the Pandioneum, their home on the slopes of Mount Dyotara, the Stormchangers enjoy access to the fruits of the wealth they have acquired over the centuries. The lavish temples are filled to the brim with gold, silver, and other treasures offered to the gods. The wealth comes from the numerous pilgrims to the site, leaving offerings and the shady dealings in which the Stormchangers engage. The wealthiest and most powerful city-states often pay massive bribes, so the Stormchangers spend more time in their environs.


The Order of the Stormchangers began two hundred and thirteen years before the onset of the Satri Invasion. The founder was a man named Arakaois. It was he who traveled the slopes of Mount Dyotara. By selling his services for seventy years to various city-states, he raised enough money to commission the Temple of the Daimons, the Temple of the Twelve Divines, and living complexes. These structures formed the foundation of the Pandioneum.

Mythology & Lore

The Order of the Stormchangers is associated with all gods, but is especially tied to the Daimons. They represent the energy of natural events and formations, such as thunderstorms, rainstorms, storms, wind, mountains, lakes, streams, forests, etc. The most powerful embody the energy of the sun, the face of the moon, the sky, and the earth. They are children of the Void, older than the Twelve Divines and their kin but younger than the Primordial Dawn and Primordial Earth. Their cults tend to meet in villages, the wild, and temples in cities scattered throughout Diakai. While the new gods are personified versions of natural and human-made concepts, the old ones represent purely natural ones.
Guild, Mages
Controlled Territories

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