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Magic is one of the most powerful forces, that shouldn't be ignored. For many dwarfs the magic beyond the divine kind is alien and uninviting, yet few end up on the road of master these strange arts.

Olbarak, meaning "magic shield" is a guild of mages working to preserve, protect and seek out information arcane in nature in Alagh Caurak. Due to the insular nature of the dekan dwarfs, arcane matters are often alien to most, and thus the group has a lot of freedoms to do their thing as they see fit, with very little to no supervision from the elder council and the king ruling the metropolis.

Olbarakor, the elite mages of the guild, are both praised and feared by the common people, earning respect and suspicion where ever they go. Summoned by the elders in the direst need, so few know anything about their arts that they must blindly trust their methods. While many are considered true dwarfs and honourable in nature, one must wonder if the unnatural arcane affinity can corrupt some to do things no other dwarfs would not dare - not to mention if the member happens to be a gnome, my goodness, what chaos they could assign to?!


Lead by the Runeril, the eldest and most learned among them, Olbarak is divided to master and the apprentices, that do their best to learn and share the benefits of arcane arts to their community. Most powerful among them form the Olbarakor Squads, groups of mages that is summoned in times of war, confusion or curiosity to aid or research occurrences where priest and scholars fail.

Public Agenda

Art of enchanting items is the most practised and culturally approved form of arcane practice, yet there are times where a deeper understanding of mysteries of The Weave is required, and it would be careless to leave these matters on the hands of the outsiders who might trick the lords of Alagh Caurak. Thus, with great conviction, Olbarak has taken upon itself to study this craft so strange and unnatural for dwarven kind.

The guild presents itself as protectors of the clan and wanting to offer prosperity and wisdom to their home halls.

"Halaur olora"
"gift of unsullied magic"

Guild, Mages
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Magic Shield, Weavers of Stone
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I really like these guys. :) Dwarves and magic is always a really interesting combination for me.

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