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Stone Industries

Stone Industries is the company that Zook Bafflestone founded in order to gather young artificers under him and exploit their skills and knowledge. With increased wealth afforded Bafflestone by the company's success, he was able to fund the creation of the Artifactorium and ultimately his grand designs within the private workshop located inside the same facility.   The company was well-liked during its existence but faltered after Bafflestone's disappearance and the loss of access to the Artifactorium, eventually declining and dissolving a mere decade later.
Stone Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bafflecorp, is the preeminent purveyor of artificery items and life-changing products across the known planes today. The company has risen from humble beginnings and few product offerings to the multi-planar one-stop-shop for all your ever-changing needs in record time propelled by products like the Baffletool 7, the Simulac-Gnome, the Extend-o-limb, and the Resuscit-8. Behind the unwavering leadership of founder Zook Bafflestone, Stone Industries continues to strive for one-of-a-kind discoveries that will change the very fabric of its customer's daily existence.


Stone Industries was formed under Zook Bafflestone who had ultimate control over the direction of the organization. Under him was an advisory panel which reported directly to Bafflestone but only suggested courses of action. Parallel to the panel was a pyramid of managers assigned to divisions within the company.


Outwardly, the culture of Stone was one of unbridled curiosity and discovery. Within Stone, however, the company was a grand experiment to one gnome's hubris. Bafflestone had complete control and as long as he liked you or you made discoveries that could be attributed back to him, you were fine. As soon as there was friction or an employee wanted to claim an idea as their own, things became more dire, and legal proceedings would begin culminating in the employee's termination.


Ultimately, once Bafflestone disappeared and the corporate structure failed without his leadership the company broke up into smaller units specializing in the types of products they were best known for. This opened up the individual organizations for hostile takeovers by rivals and within a few years, none of the Stone Industries offshoots remained.

Artificery Excellence

Corporation, Commerce

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