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The Academy


The Academy is run by the council of Runelords who have ultimate say in all matters relating to the Academy itself and the nearby city within its territory. Below them are the rank and file acolytes. These acolytes are split into different ranks according to their progress in Runic, with higher ranks having some power over lower ranks and getting access to additional benefits and privileges. Below the acolytes are the laymen, those who are not officially members of the Academy. These people serve as the servants to those in the Academy or run their own businesses in the city nearby.


The culture of the Academy and its members is rooted in the teaching of Prophet Mendai but with an intense focus on solely Runic. A person's knowledge and mastery of the magical language is directly related to their power and prestige within the micro-society above all else.

Public Agenda

The Academy strives to further the understanding of Runic to push the Cres forward, while mediating the conflicts between nations to keep the peace.


During the Collapse, the Academy building was turned was destroyed along with all the information stored within. The Runelords and acolytes were hunted down and killed. Few were able to escape with their lives, and those that did had to live in hiding for the rest of their lives lest they be discovered.

Through understanding, mastery. Through mastery, progress.

Education, Magic
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Legislative Body
The Runelords propose and ratify laws during council sessions.
Judicial Body
The Runelords are responsible for interpretation of laws and making judgements upon the accused.

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