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Ecton Thieves Guild

The largest thieves guild in all of Matonga was founded in Ecton, a city that mostly relied on trade and was considered more important than Clearwen for a long period of time. Ecton has good river and road acces, which cannot be said for the, at the time rather secluded mountaintown, Clearwen. The well known city was a natural refuge for those who lost their home in Skazire when the high desert volcano had an unprecedently large and long lasting eruption. To this day, Clearwen is home to a relatively large number of dragonborn and celestials as a result. The large influx of refugees from this crisis led to a high poverty rate in the city. Combined with trading activities and the many valuable items and potential clientele of merchants, the thieves guild was born.   Since acces to Clearwen was improved significantly through wyvern and an industrial sized lift, official trading moved to Clearwen and the size of the black market grew significantly in Ecton. The city is currently in a state that some would call lawless, as the thieves guild rules are more often honored than local law enforcers.   The guild's influence can be felt across all of eastern Tunoda with thieves and smugglers operating from the Forges of Gjerde to most major sea ports.   Rola recently became leader of the thieves guild and is a known enemy of the local law enforcer Henrick Moss, who is trying to combat the guild and restore order in the city.
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