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Council Of Elders

The Council of Elders is the supreme head of Acciphere. Their headquarters is located in Banswick.


The Council of Elders consists of fifteen people. There are seven men and seven women, from the seven kingdoms of Acciphere. These people are called the Elders. The fifteenth person is the Supreme Ruler of the Land, their head.


All people of the council have one vote. The Supreme Ruler of the Land is elected by the fourteen Elders. The Elders are forever and everlasting. Upon the end of their life, they reincarnate their avatar to a young man/woman they select and give all their powers to him/her. In this way, over the years, the Elders gain exceptional knowledge and strength, since these are added to whenever they reincarnate.

Public Agenda

The Elders deal with the general public well-being of all people in Acciphere and they deal with disputes between the various Kingdoms


The entire planet, in a crude sense, is considered to be an asset of the Council. They are granted the utmost importance and an unlimited budget. Their needs are taken care of by the Council Assistors.


After 2100, the need for a global governing body was felt on Earth. After a lot of discussions, the Council of Elders was nominated. The original Council consisted of 12 people. All countries were considered to be vassals of the Council. After the destruction of Earth following a nuclear war, the Elders came to Acciphere, where they continued their governing duties. Now, over 1750 years old, the Elders meet every day at the Hall of Prosperity in Banswick, to make decisions that affect the entire of Acciphere.


The territory they govern over is the entire planet of Acciphere.

To protect and foster the world

Founding Date
EarthDate 1st January, 2101
Political, International
Alternative Names
The Elders, The Great Council, The Council of Wisdom
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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