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The High Church

The High Church resides in Vimerias and is led by the High Pope. Their power continues to grow as they persuade the people to turn against the royal family and assume control over the Kingdom.

Demography and Population

The High Church was given land in Vimerias by the King’s ancestors and has now build their own capital city centred around the Church. They have a large building with towers for all the divine activities to be taken out and a surrounding town full of loyal peoples who value this religion highly and live by it everyday.    The Church also has people living in the other capitals and cities who influence nobles and the common people in attempt to seize power.


The Church uses their followers as their army, they can use their divine connections to instil strength and loyalty into the people whom follow them.


The High Church follow a Small pantheon of gods and goddesses, each priest assigned as the divine connection to each one. The High Pope is sort of the Leader of the Gods, with him representing the most powerful god of all.

Foreign Relations

The High Church and the King do not get along too well these days, however, the King can not directly continue to insult them as they have been given power and the people value their religion highly. If he were to go against the Church and Pope he would lose all favour.    The Church has also sent people over the seas to influence them too, though this has not mustered much success as of yet.
Religious, Holy Order
Head of Government
The use the common currency of gold scales, silver scales.
Legislative Body
The Priests of this organisation write the laws and rules of this body as they are seen as receiving divine messages from the gods/goddesses. They will then need to speak with the High Pope and get them approved.
Judicial Body
There are special people whom are equally as powerful as the priests whom are responsible for ensuring the laws are carried out, the only difference is that they are not allowed to write the laws and legislation themselves.
Controlled Territories

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