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Order of the Forbidden Souls

Order of the Forbidden Souls was created in the early years of the Kingdom of Koywren. The original members of the Order of the Forbidden Souls where a group of individuals who where competent in magic and came together to form a order up river from the Capital Portkoywren in a location that is was near to the Zarn hills, a vineyard and several farms. They celebrate the god's and goddesses of Passion and Death. Bellow being the god of passion and Felliney is the goddess of passion. The there Dino the Skelton god and goddess of death. It is unknown if Dino is male or female but that doesn’t usually matter people use god and hostesses interchangeably.. the order display the the image as a Skelton and the shapes and sizes can change.   The Village of Abervinzard built up around there main building which became a thriving community.
over the centuries they gradually gained influence in society and many people in positions of power closely followed the order or came from the Order. But the main thing that put them in the forefront was the coronation of King Conquistador II became King who was born in Abervinzard (the home of the order). Having been brought up in the orders community he sponsored the order by giving them money and brought a lot of the order into his court. The fashion at the time and a good way to carry favour with the king was to Have members of the order within or carrying favour within your group, business or organisation. But after the King died the organisation became less popular with the monarch that followed. But with some members of the order still in positions of power or influence a lot of them and others still get a over inflated sense of power. Which leads to a lot of butting heads.


Tower/building in Abervinzard Farm for Food, malt for Beer in Abervinzard Also a vineyard and a orchard.
Various buildings in Koywren


Order of the Forbidden Souls was created in the early years of the Kingdom of Koywren about 2 to 4 years after the founding of Poertkoywren (2PA Post Arrival). a group of magic users got together originally to celebrate the freedom and let there passions run more free that they never had before arriving in there new world original. But with all good things sadness comes in equal measures and with so many people dying on there voyages to portkoywren and the people who dyed, sitting up there new colony. So a group of magic users who previously where using there skills to help build the community with there magic, got together to celebrate the passions they can indulge in these new lands and celebrate the deaths of the families and friends that past away. They took on the god's and goddesses of Passion and Death as there deities hoping they would bring strength to there cause. Over the centuries they worship and celebrate the dead the founders and creators of the ancestors who made This kingdom. Thy created several festivals for the kingdom, two being around passion. One being before winter where they have a large party which involves feasting on any food and animals that won’t be able to last through the winter and then another festival in the spring when the crops etc are harvested and the months darkness end. In addition there is a third festival delicates to the dead where they celebrate the dead. This involves a parade which happens on the 17th June the day the first boat landed at Portkoywren.

Nam in passione, nam in mortuus

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