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The Reputable Transmutaion Society at Gallington

When I mention The Reputable Transmutation Society of Gallington, you might imagine a close circle of amiable, hard-working, and even, perhaps, reputable spellcasters, dedicated to furthering their corner of the magical arts. Yet, if you were to go to any magical council, university, or spellcasters' guild, none of the magi will have heard of the organisation at all. In the rare case that someone has heard tell of the organisation or claims to know a magician who is part of it will insist that it was disbanded 60 years ago, or trail off when pressed for information about their acquaintance. This is because the Reputable Transmutation Society at Gallington is not particularly reputable. And if it did have more of a reputation, it certainly would not be a positive one.
The Society is in fact an illicit syndicate made up of groups of magi and new merchants (see The City of Keelford dedicated to the reinstatement of Gnomic Artifice to gain power and fortune, uncaring of the consequences which occurred when it was first used by humans. The organisation's name is simply to throw off suspicion. Over the years, the society has gained many followers, including those whose families lost out on fortune after the Ruination, artificers who wish to further their work by studying the forbidden machinery and politicians who want to use a control over the technology fo increase their own power. This following has given the organisation a huge amount of power, allowing them to corrupt the legal system to turn a blind eye to their functions.    


  As mentioned, the primary motive of the organisation is to reinstate Gnomic Artifice. Over the years, the syndicate has come up with many ways to recreate Sky Gnome technology:


Their craziest plan of action, and ironically, one of their most successful, is the transmutational process known as gnoming. This is where people, whether willingly or not, are permanently polymorphed into gnomes, with the hope of recreating Sky Gnomes, giving the victim the innate magical ability of a Sky Gnome. To do this, the syndicate was able to exploit the vast array of magical resources at their disposal, and use laboratories in The Keelford Academy of Magical Arts. So far, they have only managed to create Rock Gnomes, but they are progressing in their studies.


Recently, the organisation has become aware of a city in The Lands of Ruination, which still harbours large amounts of working arcane technology. If the organisation finds it's way to this place, called Chafis, they might be able to replicate the machines.
Illicit, Syndicate

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