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The Archipelago of Adventure

3 Fabulasuin 260 AD

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Deep in the heart of the world, there lies a great, perpetual sea, scattered with the remains and fragments of long lost, crumbled planes. Many of the resulting scraps of island have been colonized and settled by the strange folk of the archipelago, many are barren wastes but many more still cradle the ruins of the civilizations, that long ago dwelt in their own worlds, but had been cast down into this one. From the sheer strain and turmoil of the fallen worlds, the ocean is still churning, tossing the islands around in position every decade. Officially, this ocean is known as The Sea of Forever, and that name is indeed what appears in most books, and almost all maps. However, to The Adventurers' Guild of the Archarian city of Keelford, an organization devoted to the exploration of these waters, it is the Archipelago of Adventure.

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