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Seed's Judgement

The ruling council in the Budstonian town of Seedonia has been around for plenty of centuries, installed after the Second Continental War disabled the previous ruling system of Seedonia.  


  Seed's Judgment came into existence some time before 6300, when the Second Warring Era ended and Seedonia had a power vacuum, with no one in control. Eventually, several respected members of the community, elves and dwarves alike, took the empty ruling position and formed the Seed's Judgment, acting as a system enforcing both powers of governance.   Despite the obvious issues that come with such a system, Seed's Judgment turned out to be a decent council throughout the years. Seedonia became a strong and significant force in the land of Budston, and the long-lasting bond between elves and dwarves is held in high regard throughout the eastern regions of Kibitann.  

Recent developments

  With the introduction of Freya Humm as the leader of Seed's Judgment in the year 6870, things started to change. She started to use the system of Seed's Judgment in her favor, utilizing the lack of power separation to begin enforcing a radical idea: removing any other race from Seedonia other than the elves and dwarves. Seed's Judgment has become so powerful during its years of existence that Freya had no trouble making laws to ban these communities.   But her plans were noticed by the people of Bridgemark, the poorest neighborhood in Seedonia and one that was targeted by her upcoming laws. Since then, a powerful resistance movement has begun infiltrating Seed's Judgment, and now Freya has to balance her evil discriminating laws and making sure the Budstonian government doesn't suspect anything of the recent uprising.
Geopolitical, Town Council
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