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The Wing

Whenever a seemingly untouchable person disappears or highly confidential information gets stolen, rumors about the "Wing" arise anew. Their existance always suspected but never truly confirmed, this society exists in the shadows, silently stalking those they target, until the opportunity to carry out their task reveals itself. Even if they are caught, most agents are let go immediately. The fear of having to face the wrath of this organization convinces even the bravest townsguard.   Comprised of all kinds of races, this group can move unnoticed through all kingdoms, disappearing in the crowd as nobodies, resurfacing only to accomplish their goals. Led by the one they simply call the sage, this group follows a strict set of rules. Written on the walls of their underground hideout somewhere in the world, they ensure that the members, who refer to themselves as feathers, follow the moral code of this organization.   There is only success, failing a task means failing the grey wings an will be punished. There is only humility, taking a contract for personal gains will be punished. There is only justice, committing a crime for vengeance will be punished. There is only family, revealing the identity of another feather will be punished. There is only secrecy, disclosing plans or targets to an outsider will be punished. There is only the Wing, failing to help another member will be punished.   The sage, whose identity is only known to the elites, ensures that these rules are abided by by sending out his most trusted followers. They would surveil other feathers, reporting any suspicious activity so that apporpriate action could be taken. The punishments for being caught breaking a rule, are exile from the organization. This punishment is imposed by capturing the target and then wiping their memory before bringing them to a location far from their home. The crime commited, determines the amount of worldly possessions they would be left with when they are released. This can range from just clothes, to gold, weaponry or armor. A former member would however be always stripped of the grey, spotted feather they were given after initiation.


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