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Black Fang

The Black Fang, Il Nasir Arin is a criminal syndicate that primarily operates in the border regions of the Shār. Formerly a splinter of the Hooded Eye under the imperialist Mulrakhan faction, the Black Fang was cut off from its more powerful allies during the events of the Stormcaller Crisis. This was a heavy blow, leading to the decline of the Black Fang's influence due to two things: the sudden lack of support from its northern allies, and a desire to lay low to avoid the reckoning that followed the defeat of the imperialist faction of the Hooded Eye.   In the years since, the Black Fang has been able to claw back some of the territory and prestige that it enjoyed in the past. This was thanks, in no small part, to a change in priorities at the highest ranks of the Hooded Eye, and the relatively thin Dominion presence in the region. Though the isolation of the Black Fang's territory helped it survive, it is also proving problematic for the organization's expansion. That is not to say that the Black Fang is weak. Where it is entrenched, its control is near-absolute, with its agents acting with impunity in the face of the law.   For a long time, the Black Fang has set its sights on Qesrir, the region's largest city and most important trade hub, as the cornerstone of its bid to retake its old glory. Until recently, however, the presence of a powerful cabal of healers' guilds in the city, as well as strong Dominion presence, prevented the infiltration of the Black Fang. With the arrival of Iarin Tarrakos, and the collapse of the healers' guilds' compact following a Dominion audit, the Black Fang has been able to establish a foothold in the city but remains unable to exert too much influence.
Illicit, Syndicate


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