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Abominable Security

The Abominable Security Forces are an organization that operates only on Abominable Creations Lab property. Considering they operate primarily in space, they become the primary source of law and order within ACL property. They are trained not only in dealing with Synthisaur issues, but also with espionage or employees who break company policy.

Company Policy

The primary goal of Abominable Security is to enforce and help guide employees through following company policy. If company rules are broken, the Security can take the appropriate action in response, be it escorting the rule-breaker out of the station or notifying managers of the infractions. They can even execute more drastic measures should anything violent arise.

Banner Cooperation

Security Forces on Space installations are not beholden under Banner Law for the reason that few Banner enforcers bother patrolling company-owned stations. However in the case of charges being filed by Company Security, those who commit crimes can be extradited to their Banner to be persecuted by Abominable Labs.

Synthisaur Control

In the rare incident that a Synthisaur goes rogue or breaks out, it is the job of Abominable Security to manage the situation and the employees at hand. They have training on how to reprogram Synthisaurs through their orga-data port. They also have to make calls on putting down synthisaurs that are too dangerous to maintain control over.


Abominable Security carries tools that are required for their jobs; access chits that allow them to roam the halls without being hindered, security feed access, and employee records. If things turn to violence, the Security forces can arm themselves with issued stun-batons and even firearms in the most desperate of cases.


Abominable Security utilizes a fleet of drones to help maintain security over the facility. They are equipped with stun-arms that can take down unruly employees or minor synthisaur security risks. These drones are primarily used for survelliance however, traveling to parts of the ship that cameras are not feasable.

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We don't have a Banner to put enforcement down out here. When you're on station, it's just us, and we get to say how we deal with folks. Now give me your badge so we can scan you in...

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