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Chief Officer Ryan Nguyen

Life has always needed standards, ethical, legal, and moral. When it comes to Abominable Labs, I enforce these standards.   I know that I get the classic grimace of "fuck off" way more often than "thanks" but hey: at the end of the day Abominable is keeping folks happy, and part of that is thanks to me keeping the standards.
— Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen serves as Chief of Security aboard the The Abominable Substation. He has been a loyal employee of Abominable Creations Lab for nearly two decades.   Ryan holds his duty to protect the station and its property to the highest regard. Despite his hardline personality and dry sense of humor, he is respected by his fellow employees if not avoided. No one knows the Substation and how to get around better than Ryan, thanks to his diligent patrols and long service.

Security and Safety

Ryan Nguyen carries a reputation of stern adherence to protocol on all his coworkers. He will call out the most minute of infringements, and not even his closest friends are safe from security warnings and IP protection efforts.   While his unforgiving nature has resulted in a shortage of drinking buddies, no one can complain on the performance of his duties. His loyalty to Abominable Creations Lab is unwavering, though that does not mean he lacks a moral compass, he just operates with the interest in preventing espionage and security breaches.   What little humor he has shown in his day to day is dry and fleeting, and the same goes for his smile.  

Nowhere to Hide

Ryan's duty as Chief of Security keeps him well-versed in the design and security loopholes of the Abominable Substation. He has clearance to every portion of the ship, and takes it upon himself to memorize and patrol these routes.   Ryan uses his Projections to patrol multiple areas at once, as well as inspect spots which may be harder to reach.
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Biological Sex

Personal Affects

Universal Access
An access chit securely fastened to his Wrist. It bears a red color and the emblem of Abominable Labs. It allows access to every part of the station.
Security Rifle
A collapsible two-handed rifle. It can be loaded with stun bolts or lethal rounds. It is identity locked to Chief Ryan's Access Chit.
Security Map
A specialized map that has every layer possible. Electric Pathways, Water pipes, Maintenance Halls, and more.


Ryan can be a powerful ally, or a lethal foe. All of it depends on the parties actions.
Security First
Getting Ryan to Help

 Ryan places priority on sniffing out espionage and criminal activity over all else. People can utilize Ryan's knowledge as long as they can convince him that they are not there to cause issues to the company or the people aboard the station.

Always Vigilant
Making Ryan an Enemy

 If the party participates in activities such as espionage, Ryan will become a frequent adversary. He will pursue and harass the party, and with his knowledge of the ship it would be very difficult to lose him.

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