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Giant speakers of fortune

You skitter up to the huge campus, almost bursting with excitement. Your small fuzzy paws tremble so hard you have to drop to all fours just to stay standing. Today is the day you become a giant speaker! Well, not yet. I still have to learn how to speak giant. You marvel at the size and spectacle of the campus. It is made of actual wood from huge trees. There is shiny stuff imbedded all over the walls. It glimmers in the sunrise like nothing you've ever seen before. A faerie approaches from inside the building, and greets you. It's time to go!


There are only really two ranks in this organization. At the top are the actual giant speakers. They are responsible for actually communicating with the giants. At the bottom is all the rest. Hirelings, servants, secretaries, etc.


They typically believe themselves to be above the rest of the world. Sometimes this is justified, sometimes it is not. Only scholars can get into it, so most of the time they are smarter than your average person, but this goes to many peoples heads, making them egotistical. Many are there to genuinely benefit the Fortunian society, but some simply decide to join for the immense power it gives them.

Public Agenda

The kinder, smarter members of this organization join to better their society. They genuinely think they can do good for themselves and others. Those who are more selfish join because of the power and luxury it gives them. Some more malicious even join to further their own agendas. They lie about what they hear, and change it to fit what they can use to further personal agendas.


They have their own college campus, where they live and teach. Due to the fact that they are the only citizens of the fortune lands who can communicate with the giants who rule over the lands, they are considered essentially above the law. They can get whatever they want, whenever they want.


They were founded in 53 AL, after towns started taking over the huge flowers, they were founded. They were simply a group of men who learned how to speak giant. Their power slowly grew as the giants took control of the cities. They were benevolent forces, and simply worked to make people happy. The giant speakers became a midway point for them. They communicated with the giants. Due to this, they eventually became more, and more, powerful. This lasted until 597 AL, when they triumphed above the law. At this point, they were the second most powerful force in the Fortune Lands, second only to the giants. Some would argue that they were the most powerful, as they could say whatever they wanted and people would listen.
Founding Date
53 AL
Civil Services
Alternative Names
Giant-Flower in between
Giant Speakers
Controlled Territories


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