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The Council

Our council is the divenly ordained leadership of Lucem Edi. It's a constant, it seems, since we Lucemi exist, some have tried to contest it. Well, for my part, I quite understand why. At last the council always has found a way or have taken valuable advice to let Lucem Edi survive and rise.


There's no difference between the Conrui once they're called to the council. Working under the eye of god, being solely in purpose of the nation while they decorate this rank they work out decisions and solutions collectively. Well aware that different Conrui have different specialities they respect this on fitting topics merely consulting in times were decisions are needed. For example in times of war the most proficient military leader will mostly have command, being supported by the rest.   After a Conrus has fullfilled their time in the council they are rarely seen again. Most masks coming back just support and draw away from any responsibility for society.


A Lucemi chosen to be a Conrus has to plead for the moral codex of our deity and is usually chosen because of their tremendous will to work for Lucem Edi. Some of these cornerstones are:  
Greater Good
The Council has to always decide for the best outcome for Lucem Edi
Every member puts down their mask to symbolize independance of their earlier persona
One has to always consider advice and expertise. Choose Fitting consultants and teachers from everywhere
The direction is ahead, only destroy to rebuilt for the better of Lucem Edi. Wisdom is key.


Every asset available in Lucem Edi may assigned by the council if needed. Their storages hold the most precious materials of our nation; Seremi fibre armors, clothing and fabric, Lapita and Tenita is controlled by them or chosen people of responsibilty

For the wellbeing of Lucem Edi

Geopolitical, Country
Leader Title
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