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Moonfalls Tempest

The Moonfalls Tempest is an elite assassins guild. They have been carrying out every major hit for the past millennia in Seiðrheim.   In order to be invited to the Moonfalls Tempest you must assassinate one of their members, this both keeps current members on their feet and proves that new recruits have what it takes to join. Once a new recruit accepts the guild invitation they are provided with instruction on how to get to the guilds secret training isle, Mooncrest Isle.   The basic training for the guild takes one year, the graduates are then able to accept recruit level contracts. Once ten of those contracts are complete they can begin the five year training to be granted the title "Assassin". Those who survive the tests are granted the "Assassin" title can now take on Assassin level contracts, after 100 contracts have been completed they are offered the chance to compete in the Master Assassin Trials.   Because of the guilds renowned elitism they have become untouchable by law, it is known to officials that if you cross paths with the Moonfalls Tempest your days are numbered.   If one would like to hire the Moonfalls Tempest they must place a loaf of bread with a knife sticking in it on the roof of their house. This will signal the Moonfalls Tempest and one of their members will contact the customer. Hiring the guild requires upfront payment as the guild never fails the job, that being said if they deem the job un-completable they will refuse taking it from the beginning.
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