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Kikerion Cooperative

The Kikerion Cooperative is one of the political and economic organizations that represent the gods of the Pentide and lead the nation of Shindus. The Kikerion Cooperative specifically represents Kikerion, the Goddess of Fertility. It handles the production and distribution of food, medicine, and other goods related to sustaining life and is led by the representative of Kikerion and their closest advisors. It was established shortly after the founding of Shindus by the Five Heroes and has remained a key part of Shindus' infrastructure since.   The Cooperative manages virtually all of the agriculture and farmland in Shindus and is the single largest of the organizations representing the Pentide in terms of membership and wealth. The relative power and responsibility of each organization has shifted throughout the eras, but the Cooperative has overall been the most influential due to the long periods of time where they held almost absolute control.    Following the death of Ratsuik and the subsequent disappearance of the representatives of Pitelion, the Cooperative skyrocketed in influence due to the famines that swept through the region. They used that influence to also fill much of the void left by the absence of the representatives of Pitelion and assumed almost full control of Pitelion's Army. Although this was first done in good faith by the 12th representative of Kikerion, the subsequent representatives of Kikerion, starting with Decheng, used the people's desperation and complete control over the military and police forces in the nation to enrich the leaders of the Cooperative and consolidate their power. This allowed them to remain the dominant power in Shindus for multiple centuries, although their power was significantly curtailed by Liruka Seizhang, the 19th representative of Bamalion, who recently orchestrated a series of purges of corrupted members of the Cooperative with the support of the people. However, the influence and corruption of the Cooperative can still be felt.
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