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Order of the Blade

The Order of the Blade is a knightly order, agnostic of faction or creed, whose primary skills encompass the use of martial weapons. They have become known throughout Aecenys as some of the finest swordsmen on the continent. Because of the orders' honorable and reliable reputation, they have grown in power throughout Tusnya. The order currently acts as a discreet peacekeeping force throughout the region and shares authority within the walls of Riven.


At the head of the order is the Zweihander. Subsequent ranks are listed below -
  • Knight of the Blade - The knight is a distinguished member within the order. They spend their lives training and studying the art of the sword, and offer their blade in service to the realm. Although membership within the order is a guarded secret, they will still act in accordance with their oath to keep peace, and maintain harmony. Knights will go on quests, particularly those that refine their martial skills.
  • Squire of the Blade - Squires are initiates of the order who have aspirations to one day become a knight. They serve at the behest of more senior members within the order, and typically join them on quests to gain experience.
The Order of the Blade does not always stay in one location, and tend to move from place to place leaving their headquarters in Riven abandoned and primarily unmanned. Their adventuring spirits remain true, and if a major conflict is looming, they will typically migrate towards trouble, seeking glory and to add to their already outstanding reputation. Membership within the order are typically held in confidence, and can only be determined in peacetime through the use of a Rivenese Whetstone. To be welcomed as a squire requires a passage of trials as well as a stellar reputation, and ultimately the approval of the Zweihander.


Disciplined and efficient are qualities all members of the order strive for. Their efficacy as a group, relying upon one another and delivering results, are critical to their viability as an order. They train constantly with the sword, as it is more than a weapon, but a way of life. They continually tend to their weapons with a whetstone, sharpening their blades to a fine point. They treat their weapons as an extension of their bodies, and to lose their sword in battle would be detrimental. It is forged under their guidance, and kept on their person at all times, regardless of location.   To some, the Order of the Blade can be seen as noble defenders, risking their lives to protect the citizenry. To others, they may appear as a militaristic and ruthless fighting brigade, bloodthirsty and always seeking combat for the sake of combat. In reality, they fall somewhere under the middle. While some of the members enjoy adventuring and engaging with monsters and enemies, others join the order to protect their home and the marches.

Public Agenda

At first they were an elite group of adventurers that ventured into uncivilized lands in the 8th century AR looking for treasure and glory. They slowly transformed into a knightly order that focused on preserving the peace and maintaining balance in a very hostile world. Most who visit their headquarters are in need of an elite martial force to handle major issues such as a looming invasion from an enemy faction, a threatening horde of monsters, or even petitions from nearby governments to train their soldiers in the martial arts.


As an order built on the adventuring lifestyle, they maintain very little in terms of assets outside of Resolute Hall. They are welcome in forts dotted throughout Tusnya and nearby regions, but do not claim them as their own. In terms of wealth, there are rumors that due to their propensity for adventure, they have amassed a small fortune hidden underneath their guild hall. These are unfounded, and only the highest ranking members would know of such a treasure trove.


Long before Riven was founded, the Order of the Blade established themselves within the Southern Marches. Once the League of Southern Marches was formed among the cities and towns in 877AR, the Order of the Blade found themselves on the outside looking in. They had no true allegiance to any one faction, but only to themselves. They took this opportunity to distinguish themselves from the league, and although they are headquartered in Riven, they operate independently and transcend the division of the established factions.

For the Realm

Founding Date
746 AR
Military, Knightly Order
Leader Title
Related Ranks & Titles
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