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Frigus, 1063 AR

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The continent of Aecenys was a place blessed by the gods and full of beautiful natural landscapes. Factions that grew in influence stayed diplomatic and peaceful. Even the power-hungry Corinian Empire spread primarily through annexation and treatises even while maintaining a dominant military. Everything changed after the revelation of arcane magic. Brought about by the elves of Tol Annûn, arcane magic spilled forth throughout the continent causing a irreversible shift in the way factions treated each other. Magical wellsprings were formed all over the continent causing some to be overwhelmed and changed forever due to the arcane. Empires rose and fell at the hands of this newfound power source. While some took advantage of it, others treated it as being too wild and uncontrollable. Major schisms occurred based on this belief, creating a world where spellcasters were shunned and cast out.   Over 1000 years after the revelation, the continent is unstable. The Corinian Empire has once again started expansion, while others brace for invasion. The region of Corin remains corrupted after the Doom, causing factions to settle within the Eastern Ring. Beliefs about arcane magic keep the continent divided.