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Kryst assassins

The gathering of those trained in the art of killing. Most assassins have heavy ties with the slums and many provide aid to them. The assassins have a deal with the monarchy in which they are given a large amount of money every year and basic immunity for persecution in exchange for agreeing not to kill anyone of royal blood. The assassins exist in a strange place of lawlessness as if somebody is confirmed to be killed by an assassin there can be no legal ramifications but if an assassin is caught and killed as long as it seems like you are not targeting assassins on the whole you would face no consequences. Assassins often also hold a large amount of political power being owed many favors and not many want to deny one.


Their is a head assassin and being trained means you are under them everyone else is their own person and has authority based on the quality and quantity of jobs they do for the organization.

Public Agenda

The public knows the assassins exist but most don't know where to find them and what they want besides money.


Takes a small percentage of every hire so the actual organization is quite wealthy they also have a decent amount of highly trained killers and information gatherers.


There once was a man who was known as the greatest killer in the history of Kryst unfortunately one day he made a mistake and got emotionally attached to a target and then injured. After this he trained others to do his work for him. This was the start of the group called assassins.

Foreign Relations

It is possible to hire a Kryst assassin to kill someone in another country though this is outrageously expensive and the possibility is looked at for possible negative ramifications. This has only happened once in the entire history of the assassins.


Usually recruits new members from a young age often from the slums and puts them through intense training making them learn how to lie, how to fight, and how to contort their bodies to be able to access places that seem inaccessible.

Every life has a price.

Guild, Assassins
Alternative Names
Gardener is a common innuendo for assassins.
Government System
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Deals almost exclusively with gold and favors.
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

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