Baacqeer Inc.

On the serene shores of the Gozlimer peninsula waves caress the white sand and weathered rocks. Mere yards away sits the city of Xuzu-et-Iapi, self-proclaimed "Gem of Belor." The "city of blue" has many claims to fame. Pristine beaches of white, soft sand as far as the eye can see meet clear, icy blue waters. A delightful forest of palm trees with little underbrush, large ripe coconuts falling all year round. Further passed that are the picturesque hills, where bald sides and tops make ideal pastoral locations, with sheep and goats grazing peacefully.    Finally, the city itself. Meaning "City of Lapis" in the tongue of the founders, the name refers to the rich Lapis Lazuli mines found in the nearby hills, and refers to the beautiful waters. Life here can be as simple or complex as one desires. Many areas of pleasure exist and are heavily regulated. Sports, gambling, arena fighting, boat races, and all the part of the happy pastime of the city.    The mosaic of cultures and peoples is astounding. Every single race has some significance to the city, each with their own themed districts and rulings. Each district has an elected governor responsible for their own district. These answer to the General Governor of the city, who answers to the king.    At least that's how it's supposed to work. In the middle district of the city a tall building rises with the letters "BAACQEER INC." emblazoned on the side. Inside sit a panel of business associates and merchants who openly make illicit deals. The trick is that everyone involved has some major tie to any two governors and at least one of the past General Governors. These officials influence elections, distribute wealth, and even supply local crimelords with resources. They cheat and skim off the top.   A public outcry comes around every decade or so, but nothing changes. The guards and policing forces don't dare touch them. At their heart, they have a secret order of killers, assassins trained from childhood to be emotionless killers to do their bidding. Once, a guard arrested one low member, thinking he could safely dispose of him, but before a trial could be had, the guard was found to have "killed himself" with both arms lopped off and his head removed and the murder weapon buried under the floorboards.   No one can safely guarantee a fair trial either since the jury is overwhelmingly people who have some benefit in helping acquit the accused. If a conviction is reached, the judge sends them to Haohua Prison on Ming'q Point, a prison specifically for the Baacqeer Inc. officials. It's comically called Hoahua Palace due to it being more a vacation house than a true prison. No real consequences are ever faced by the members of Baacqeer Inc.

"Acquire All, Sell Some"

Founding Date
14030, 3E
Corporation, Financial
Alternative Names
Baac Inc.


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