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Paragons of Zelemir

The Paragons of Zelemir: A group of Highly devout Ukaris who have pledged their life in the service of their Elemental Magnate the Great Wind Maker herself Zelemir.   Why are they above the law? The Lands ruled by the Ukari are a highly devote people who cherish the memory and thought of their great Elemental Magnate Zelemir. The Paragons of Zelemir have dedicated their life completely to Zelemir giving them a high level of respect among the Ukari peoples.   How do the pledge their life? They do not think of themselves anymore but rather the people and their magnate. Do not Wed Do not own property as their home is in the temple Do not father or mother children. Do not have a job, their job is the devotion to the people and their magnate.     What benefits do they receive that others don't? Any members of the paragon are treated like royalty and are able to come and go through the cities as they please while generally not paying for anything they need. The reason for this is that the citizens of the Ukari understand everything that the Paragons have sacrificed to pledge their life in service to Zelemir and in doing so have no money as they have no need for personal items or belongings. Due to them not owning their own money the shops and other businesses in the land do not charge them for the items that they do require seeing it as bad luck and as if you were asking Zelemir herself to pay for your items.   Is the Populus scared of them or do they respect them? The Populus is both scared of the paragons as well as respect them. They fear them as they know these men and woman are devoted to Zelemir so they don't want to do something wrong in the face of their magnate. They also respect them because of their sacrifices as well as their selfless actions through out the kingdom.   How do you identify a member of the Paragons of Zelemir?

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