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Food producers

The food producers in the falling city have a lot of power considering they have a monopoly on the food market for the whole city. As such, they've been able to strike a few... beneficial deals with the city letting them work around a few of the laws and regulations set in place. The food producers supply all of the fallen city's food supplies with their massive rooftop farms and factories. Being the sole supplier means they are in a very good position to force the council to do as they want them to, as they can threaten to withhold food for the people making them slowly starve to death, including the councilmembers. They haven't had to fulfill those threats yet, as the council and its members have always given in to their demands of looser regulations for their factories and for their employees. The ones in charge of the few companies handling the food are practically untouchable by law enforcement, only being arrested for things that'd cause riots if it got out they weren't getting punished for it. This has happened once before when the former leader of one of the largest food suppliers murdered a man in a bar fight. The public outcry at the event forced the city to do something, and he was arrested and charged for the murder. The other food producers didn't do good on their threat, as they recognized that the anger of the people was directed at the individual, not the company, and if they were to start withholding food in protest against the arrest the riots would reach them quicker than any threat could make them stop. It's a delicate balance of power between the city and the food producers, but as long as both don't force the other to act the balance seems to be in favor of them both.

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