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The Council of the High Priests of The Ota Ilukan


Each member of this organisation is a High Priest. They typically make official decisions by voting and coming to an agreement together, however, there is often one High Priest who becomes a leader of sorts, either through their own manipulations or by accident as the rest of the group defaults to them for guidance.


The High Priests believe that they, those who were chosen by Ota, should be the ones to rule Laethius, that it is their divine right. They will do anything within their power to complete their goals, including murder. And they will get away with it.

Public Agenda

To enlighten people to the truth of the universe and educate them upon the Teachings of Ota. They claim to only want to help bring people together and to promote love and equality.   Naera who are members of the Kraevrox, however, believe they are not being entirely truthful.

Tenets of Faith

  1. You will worship Ota and give your life to him, for he is your creator
  2. Do what you must to thrive and serve Ota
  3. You will accept life as Ota intended it to be

    Political Influence & Intrigue

    Though the Driseth people are a highly religious group, the High Priests of Ota are not involved in the legal actions or decisions of the government. They are, however, very influential. They are capable of swaying the government to make decisions which would greatly benefit the High Priests and are able to get away with actions that would have any other Driseth citizen arrested. Even in the other territories of Laethius, the High Priests of the Ota Ilukan can commit illegal actions and get away without punishment, due to both the religious nature of their organisation and their importance within the Driseth community.

    In the service of Ota, for now and forever

    Religious, Sect
    Alternative Names
    The High Priest Council, The High Priests of the Ota Ilukan
    The High Priests of Ota, High Priests
    Parent Organization
    Related Ethnicities


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