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Return To Avalon

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In the far future, humans have expanded their reach beyond Earth, far beyond their native solar system. They are a formidable species, well-known as one of the greatest (and weirdest) warrior races in the Local Group. One of the species' greatest assets, aside from their Mars science programs, is their space program.   Captain Solaris "Arthur" Reid is the commander of the space vessel Excalibur. Her crew is tight-nit, their bonds forged over the years through various challenges and battles. Her closest friend is Doctor Merlin Jones, the Head of Science & Research on the Excalibur. He is his own greatest creation, with a high-tech prosthetic in place of his left arm and half of his right leg. Like many humans in the Space Force, Merlin has artificial mood expressers implanted in the sides of his head.   During a routine upgrading of Cal- the onboard AI- while docked in the orbital station above Mars, the Excalibur is pulled into a battle as the planet is attacked. During the battle, something goes wrong, and Merlin is sent hurtling thousands of years into the past. Now, Arthur must chase down the hired guns that attacked her planet, find the power behind the attack, and retrieve the tech which was stolen during the battle, all while trying to find a way to bring her best friend back, despite the Council placing Merlin as a secondary objective only.   Meanwhile, stranded in the long-forgotten past, Merlin, unsure who survived the Mars attack, must scavenge parts in hopes of returning to his home.