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Candle Stubs - A Vigilant Symbol?

Very little is known about the subversive countercultural movement that lurks within Kredashmi's cities. Members call themselves the Vigilant, and they appear to drawn from the rising number of Varsii immigrants in the country.   The Vigilant tend to express themselves in print without disclosing their identities. They write alternate lyrics to popular Kredasene tunes, criticising the way in which their traditional Varsii culture is being eroded by Kredasene and Rasvkaerii influences. They fear that the Varsii are beginning to lose the fear and respect of the eldritch creatures that inhabit the Ancient Forest of Versarna. Many are even becoming the stuff of myth and legend.  
There is a rumour that occassionally surfaces amongst the Varsii that a candle stub is a sign of Vigilant symapthies. The Vigilants claim that their name is drawn from the fact that they remain observant of their past, their gods, and the Old Ways of Versarna. In a similar way, the rumours claim that the symbolism of the candle represents the Vigilants being the light of Truth in the darkness of Kredasene society.
by Hadley Jin

Truth or Paranoia?

Wanted Poster of Colm MacKerrow by Brinsmead
The rumours regarding the symbolism behind candle stubs comes exclusively from the Varsii community. There is a real sense amongst these immigrants that the actions of these Vigilants is too extreme, and may jeapordise the uneasy relationship between the Kredasene commons and the Varsii immigrants.   A poignant reminder of this came with the murder of Healer Rosenwyn MacKerrow. During the murder trial, it was revealed that her father-in-law harboured Vigilant sympathies - something that was already strongly suspected within the community of her fugitive husband, Colm. The reward money that was raised for information that resulted in Colm MacKerrow's arrest, was raised by the Varsii community that Rosenwyn had served.
Anonymity is a crucial element of the Vigilants' raison d'être. If, at any point, they need a figure to take responsibility for their actions, they attribute it to one of their ficticious Generals.
I asked the Varsii why he suspected his neighbour of being a Vigilant, and he said it was because of the burnt-down candles he had positioned on his windowsill. Turned out it was just the neighbour's little granddaughter making a silly display while his wife accumulated enough candles to melt down into new candles... I looked like a air-headed dragon hunter getting excited over smoke from a damn chimney!
— A police officer overheard in a tavern

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Cover image: by Michael Schaffler


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15 Jul, 2020 07:55

Very interesting! Especially that there's a clash between elements of the culture. How are the Vigilants viewed by other Varsii? Are those eldritch monsters real?   I love the idea and the cultural context behind it - so much story and conflict bubbling under the surface here! Awesome work :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
15 Jul, 2020 10:35

Thank you so much, Q! I wasn't hugely excited for this prompt, but I'm actually pretty happy with the outcome. Your feedback was really helpful, and I have made some changes! :) x

Cait x
15 Jul, 2020 21:18

I love that it might not even be a real thing but there's so much paranoia about the Vigilants that everyone squints in suspicion.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
15 Jul, 2020 22:07

Apart from the police. They're probably like "eugh, not this again," and call over the intern...

Cait x