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The Sorrow of Souls Quartet

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The terrible evil wrought by the Raven beyond the spiritual veil has cast the dark shadow of His wings across the Saeric Lands. In a world where the false gods of the past were slain on the talons of the Raven or on the swords of man, mankind trudges hopelessly through life. They are burdened by the terrible certainties revealed to them by the Saeric Throwbacks: the Phoenix has fallen, and nothing but torment and torture await their Souls in Perdition. The Raven's heart can never be changed. Mankind's only chance of redemption is to trap the Souls of their dead in life, and hope against hope that, one day, the Phoenix will find a way to rise once more.   The Sorrow of Souls is a quartet being authored by Brinsmead. She is currently finishing the first draft of book one, entitled Harbinger, which she hopes to publish at some point in the near future.