Couriers feathered hat

Hats? Hats?? HATS?!?!? How the bloody blue blazes could a hat tell you anything. For the love of Alie!
— Bartender in Varito
    Hats are rarely a thing of interest unless you really like hats. There are so many different varieties of hats, but then only a true hat connoisseur would be able to tell you what they are.   The only thing you need to consider if you are working as a courier is what feather you need to place in your hat. The long journey between towns can be an issue, best find a druid, bard, or merchant heading in your direction. Skill with a blade or a staff wouldn't go amiss either.   The thing about the couriers, the "SPECIAL" Couriers is the very unique hat they wear. Wide-brimmed turned up on one side and a band of leather around the base where the brim meets the bowl. It is rumoured that there is a pair of small holes under the band designed to fit a feather shaft through. Every courier has a courier's bag, but these bags are different they have a special pocket that is hidden away for storing feathers in and another hidden for the secret missives.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
What makes this such a unique secret symbol for passing on information, is that no one would ever expect a feather to have meaning.

Feather colour in hatband of courier meaning:

  Black: Agent dead target alerted     Red: Agent dead target eliminated     Brown: Agent captured target alerted     Blue: Mission accomplished     Green: Mission available     Yellow: Caution required lay low act normal     White: Just regular courier
I cry when I see them red feathers.  It means one o' our own succeeded but ain't a coming back.  The one that makes me afeared is when itsa black or yellow.  Yellow means there ain't gonna be no business fer a while.
— Stilleto lady to her Dagger beau. 


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