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Disc Fibulae

Almost every shoulder has a Fibula securing cloaks or clothing and many of these are of the Disc Fibulae type, circles of metal with an attached pin, many of which are highly decorated.   Some Disc Fibulae however, rather than being decorative or functional can also tell a keen eyed observer much more. The Imperial Inquisition use Disc Fibulae to secretly communicate their presence to other members of the Emperor’s Eyes, and to tell their rank and achievements.


Most Disc Fibulae have little significance except to those that own them, unless of course they are of particular fine craft or decorated with precious metals or stones.   However, for the Imperial Inquisition, Disc Fibulae hold a particular significance. This is because the Inquisition use this common item to denote those who not only belong to their organisation, but also to indicate what their rank is within the inquisition.   Though the exact formulas and specific materials and combinations that are used and their exact meanings are a tightly kept secret, it is generally accepted information that each Inquisition Fibula shows those who know how to read it the following information:  
  • Rank of the possessor - thought to be represented by the central decorative jewel.
  • The Imperial Province they serve in - thought to be represented by the decorative metal pattern that surrounds the central jewel.
  • Any commendations they have been given - thought to be represented by additional jewels that are inlaid in the edge.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Fibulae are common items in general, as almost every person will own one to keep their cloaks pinned around their neck or keep other items of clothing in check. Disc Fibulae are one of the most common forms to be found across Kelbonnar, partly because they can be produced with relative ease, but also because they provide a large surface area that can be decorated.
Raw materials & Components
The material that Disc Fibulae are made of varies greatly as there are thousands of craftsmen across Kelbonnar who produce them. Some are made of basic materials and are minimally decorated, destined to be worn by the poorest of society, whilst some are painstaking crafted for months, using the finest materials and most lawless of gems, destined to grace the persons of the most affluent members of society.   Almost all Disc Fibulae are made from a core of metal, generally iron, which gives the item the strength to hold and decorative features attached to it and gives the pin attached to the back the strength to support the piece itself and hold up any clothing as required.   Disc Fibulae produced by the Imperial Inquisition are well crafted, but tend to be decorated with semi-precious stones and metals rather than precious jewels. The idea being that any member of the Inquisition should be able to wear their Fibula in public without attracting too much attention. Semi ranks in the Inquisition however, Captain Inquisitors and the Grand Inquisitor themselves are known to wear much gaudier Fibulae. decorated with gemstones, as they do not undertake fieldwork.


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